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Please give a description of your company and the products/services you offer:


I accompany people who need or are looking for a change in their life. It can take many forms, the strength to realize a dream, or to accept an illness, or to live more fully their life, or to feel better in society, with their family or in a relationship… It can Change can take the form they want….

I also apply a holistic training with horse riders in dressage, I help riders to be accept in their own presence for being able to feel the right presence with their horses, to view it as a partnership between horse and rider. Horses are always talking to us, it’s important to be aware of yourself so you can hear and interpret what the horse is telling us as a rider. I try to use all my skills to accompany people, riders and horses, in this way it allows me to have succeed in training even the most difficult horses. In reality it’s not so much that they are difficult but rather that they need someone to listen and interpret what they are trying to tell us.

My skills are energy healing, drawing and painting, dancing, meditation, foot reflexology, dressage, photography. I also play shamanic drum and use crystals and sounds when I practice healing. It is important when you want real change, to change in the 4 ways of being: body, emotion, mind and soul. All the skills I use are gifts I share with my clients, to guide them from where they are to where they want to be.

I give both individual and group workshops.

In the individual appointments I have created a variety programs: My goal is to teach as many skills as possible so that the client can achieve an autonomous and fulfilling life. The program I have designed has practical exercices, some guided meditations, reading as well mini written exercises to answer between sessions. Objective is for the client begin to create different habits and a new way of thinking. I accompany them in their path to create positive changes so they can achieve a deep and vibrant life. We are all here to serve. You just have to find what are your particular gifts and how is the best way for you to serve others.

I also use my photographs skills as a media to show people how wonderful they are. For the persons who don’t have horses, I prepare a session with one of my horses, they have the ability to make people shine, there I capture some images, and I give them to my clients. After that, they have to take the time to accept seeing their light in a picture.I believe it is really important for the self-esteem.

In the workshops that I organise, I work both for the horse and with the horses. They are here to help humanity to grow up and open their heart to their purest essence. I teach energy healing with horses, holistic horse riding workshop, meditation and healing circle with horses and recently I have introduced a shamanic drum, it’s really helped people to ground and feel mother earths vibrations. With horses you don’t need to talk, they already know everything, and they help us to realize many of our emotions. They also help us discover ourselves. They ground us, they open our heart and they clean our channels, they open our connection to the spirituals worlds.

I am also planning in the near future to organise workshop with a an excellent medium. She has the ability to translate high frequencies in words. Together we put our strength for sharing or different gift with people who want to vibrate more deeply the frequencies of their soul. The next event we do will be a ceremony for winter solstice and in January we will organise a workshop on the theme of waking up the shaman in ourselves.


Tell us about your background of your business and yourself:

I started as a professional healer 3 years ago, but I am in this path since 7 years. Or more… Actually I always have been in this path but I just didn’t know it.

As a child I was drawing as a form of expressing myself. I suffered from lots violence and abuse in my family, and because I could not talk, I drew. Growing up we were not permitted to have animals.

We had with my 2 sisters many activities after school like I did 11 years of ballet dancing, we went twice a week to the swimming pool, we visited many museums,… My parents really wanted us to open our minds.

I saw horses as kid like many other kids in fairs, 


I remember they always brought me to an other version of myself. I had my first horse riding lesson around the age of 14, and I remember I had a long conversation with the horse I was riding. All my energy was expanding.

When I am in the energy of a horse I am so much more present to myself, and also on earth. I feel deep peace and my emotional system is calming down. I feel infinite love into my heart. I do need to do anything. I am, that’s all.

After school, I studied illustration, I became a professional dressage rider, I’ve worked in different dressage stables with international riders for having lessons from their. But they just can teach theory, horses were my masters. The most important lessons I receive in life came from their.

I had my first own horse, Shogun, I was 17, it was the most beautiful day of my life. He is my guide, if I am still on earth today it is because of him.

After learning dressage I spend a year in Australia with a WHV because I wanted to learn english, I wanted to travel, I wanted to be far from my family, I wanted sun, wild and the ocean. I feel a deep connection to the ocean. It was the best year of my life. I realize I could be free as I wanted to be free. I could create everything I wanted. When I came back from, I tried to face some of my darker feelings but I wasn’t ready. I was thinking about stopping working with horses because I could not earn a living doing this, but they came to pick me up and I trained during a year 6 to 8 horses a day. I really loved that job, but I wanted to travel again and performing in equestrian shows.

So I found a job as an artist-rider for the horse show called Cavalia. I spend 2 years travelling in Europe with this magnificent show, then Phoenix in Arizona and finally stopping in Montreal, Canada. Then I went to work for an other equestrian show in Dubai and came back to Belgium at the age of 28.

I really needed to take care of my roots and stop running away of my darker feelings who were following me.

I bought my second horse Campeao in Portugal, and since he arrived in my life 7 years ago, everything changed. I started to open more and more my heart and became more and more spiritual, I felt my consciousness is expand. I started to meet people who were on the same path, and they all told my I was a healer but I had lots of resistances. I didn’t want to be a healer, I didn’t want to believe that. Finally… I had no choice, after 3 years I began to listen… I started with foot reflexology, at the same time I studied art teaching because I needed to earn a living and I wanted a profession that could allow this. Then I studied energy healing, quantum touch, I started to practice on my friends for training.

And finally life made me with this great opportunity to be a professional holistic therapist. I am still studying, we also continue to learn and grow both personally and professionally …

I constantly develop my skills and my inner gift. My purpose is to serve horses and the rest of humanity. I’m just following the flight path…


What inspired you to pursue your profession?

Horses… It’s really a calling. I created my profession from inside. I had no example to follow. I would say life pushed me to this. All the problems I had were actually not problems but visions that I needed to accept, to be able to move forward.


Where do you see yourself in the near future?

My next dream is playing Crystal Harp for humans and horses, I am trying to choose my path to the future now.

I also want to travel again and give workshop with horses all around the world. I also would love to work with sad and sick children, I would love to show theim how wonderful they are. So I see myself traveling and sharing these moments with horses all around the world.

I also would love a new home where I could have my cat and my 2 horses just in front of the ocean.


Alexandra Meulemans

Thérapeute Holistique et Photographe